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My life passion is working with people to help free themselves from the grips of narcissistic abuse. Through my own life experience, I realized that narcissistic abuse is a form of abuse that many people don’t know about. This lack of coverage means that many people who are suffering from this form of abuse don’t even know it’s happening to them, even if they do know that something is incorrect about their situation.

One of the major goals of this entire blog is to get make more people aware of narcissistic abuse, and get the proper information out to anyone who needs it. So, I believe one of the first steps towards that is explaining exactly what narcissistic abuse is.


Narcissistic Abuse is a form of emotional abuse that can occur in both parent-child relationships and in relationships between two adults.


When narcissistic abuse occurs in a relationship between a parent and a child, the parent demands that their child completely rid his/herself of their own feelings and desires in order to cater to the parent’s needs and self esteem.

Narcissistic parents have children in order to create a relationship and dynamic in which they will, by default, have unchecked power and authority. They demand that their children be exact “reflections” of themselves, and the children develop anxiety-riddled complexes as they navigate life trying to please their narcissist patent.

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If narcissistic abuse occurs between two adults, there are two possibilities:

  1. There is just one narcissist in the relationship, and that one individual takes advantage of their partner.  Narcissistic individuals will actively seek out successful and independent partners in order to feed off of their success and emotional wealth. This is called “narcissistic supply
  2. Both individuals and narcissists and they form the detrimental “narcissist couple”.

In both cases, the narcissist is known for not taking any responsibility for their actions. The narcissistic partner(s) will start off the relationship by only showing their best qualities. These are individuals who are charming and self aware, so they are very good at manipulation. They know exactly how to present themselves as empathetic and kind. Once the narcissistic partner has their partner in a committed relationship, the ugly, abusive parts begin to manifest themselves. The narcissist will begin to display abusive behavior such as ignoring their partner, gaslighting, throwing fits of rage, and sometimes even physically assaulting their partner.

This phase of abuse can go on for quite some time before the narcissist(abuser) leaps into the “discard” phase. In this phase of the relationship, the abuser no longer feels like they need their current partner, and they either break up with their partner with no warning or they start a series of affairs. When the narcissistic partner starts seeing new partners, the cycle starts up again.

For resources and additional information, please visit the following sites: Psychology Today, The Narcissistic Life, & The Elephant Journal.